Are you planning a study trip to the Ruhr Valley? Are you looking for a counterpart who has the necessary expertise to support you in various fields and projects like architecture and urban development, ecological transformation of the Emscher river or sustained yield of the International Architecture Exhibition Emscher Park? Since we are working together with quite a few protagonists in the area for many years, we know the right people for your field studies: We make the contact for you and we organize a reasonable itinerary.




2-day field study of the “Institut d'Aménagement et d'Urbanisme de la Région d'Ile-de-France” for 30 personsEmphasis: Evolution of projects of the International Architecture Exhibition Emscher Park (IBA)


Arrival at Essen main station


1st day


Meeting with all attendees in the hotel and ride with the tram to the site of “Zeche Zollverein” in company of the project director of Emscher Landscape Park
Opening session with a member of the board of Zollverein Foundation
Visit of the Ruhr museum and the Zollverein visitors’ center

Visit of the viewing platform and walkabout the premises of the new headquarter of the ThyssenKrupp trust including the new park, escorted by a representative of ThyssenKrupp AG

Lunch at the “Unperfekthaus”

Visit of the Gasometer Oberhausen

Guided tour through the landscape park together with the managing director of the landscape park Duisburg-Nord

Guided tour of the inner harbour Duisburg together with the managing director of the inner harbour corporation

Dinner in the restaurant “Mezzomar Harbour Lounge” in the inner harbour Duisburg


Light art in the underground passage at Essen main station

Model of the world heritage Zollverein in Essen

Guided tour on the roof of the mixing plant at coking plant Zollverein in Essen

Visit to the new headquarter of ThyssenKrupp in Essen

Gasometer in Oberhausen

 Illuminated landscape park Duisburg Nord

Storage building in Duisburg’s inner harbour

Excursion to an industrial wasteland of the former coal mine Bismarck in Gelsenkirchen

Interior view of Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum

Round table talks at Technical University Dortmund


2nd day


Meeting with the managing director of NRW.URBAN and the project manager for the premises of the former colliery “Graf Bismarck” in Gelsenkirchen
Sightseeing and round tour: Emscher island, reconversion of Graf Bismarck

Guided tour in the “Jahrhunderthalle” and through the Westpark in Bochum
Presentation of the project by the managing director of NRW.URBAN and the director of the agency of urban planning in Bochum

Packed lunches and individual round tour through the Westpark in Bochum

The managing director of NRW.URBAN and the project manager of Phönix Dortmund presented the project of “Phönix Premises Dortmund”, followed by a round tour

Meeting on Dortmund University premises and internal discussion

Dinner in the restaurant “Casino-Zollverein”




  • Concept of the programme and project related recommendations
  • Organization of the itinerary
  • Selection of all the contact persons
  • Ticketing services for German and French railways
  • Hotel reservations
  • Choice and booking of restaurants
  • Tour guidance and translation of all presentations into the French language
  • Bus transfers
  • Accounting of the whole event

During the last couple of years we have organized the following excursions amongst others:

Toerisme Vlaanderen Brüssel
Two-day excursion Ruhr Valley, 2012
Focus: Touristic development in a former industrial region

Pom Vlaams-Brabant
Two-day excursion accompanied by urban planners and mayors, 2012
Focus: Urban development projects and renaturation of the river Emscher

Zuidas Amsterdam
Two-day excursion Ruhr area, 2011
Focus: New urban developments in the Ruhr area

DAAD Deutscher akademischer Austauschdienst
Half-day excursion Ruhr area with a total of 800 students, 2011

BAPCO Bahrain Petrolian company
One-day excursion Ruhr area, 2011
Focus: Industrial museums in the area

SAIEP Repräsentanzbüro Hannover
One-day excursion Zollverein – Ruhr area for employees of the urban administration Shanghai 2009, 2010, 2011
Focus: Conversion of shutdown industrial premises

Goethe-Institut Düsseldorf
One-day excursion Zollverein during an exchange for teachers, 2009, 2010, 2011

Maison de l’Architecture de Bourgogne
Two-day excursion Ruhr Valley, 2010
Focus: New architectural projects in the Ruhr area

Mancomunidad de Municipios Valle del Guadiato Departamento de Turismo:
Four-day excursion Ruhr area for mayors from Spain, 2010
Focus: Touristic developments in a former mining industry region

Agence d’urbanisme de Lyon
Three-day excursion Ruhr Valley, 2009
Focus: Conversion of large industrial wastelands

CSE bouwen en wonen:
Three-day excursion of a Dutch housing association, 2009
Focus: Renaturation of urban settlements